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Clients, customers and consumers often have little money to spend on their marketing budget. When the customer is ready to buy, you want to be at the top of their list. This workshop will provide you with marketing strategies to market your business on a tight budget.


At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • List practical ways to increase sales without using a lot of resources
  • Implement techniques for attracting new prospects
  • Discuss strategies for getting more business from existing customers
  • Describe tips for effectively networking with fellow entrepreneurs


  • 1


    • Lesson 1: Does your service have a target market? Do you know its value to your customer? This lesson summarizes ways to help you communicate the vaiue of your business to the consumer.

    • Lesson 2: Learn everything about your consumers, how they think, their personas, to give you insights that guide your marketing strategy

    • Lesson 3: This lesson gives an overview of the pillars of marketing: Digital Tools (website, SEO, social media) Traditional Marketing (Public Relations, Brochures) and Networking.

    • Introduction Quiz

  • 2

    Social Media Marketing

    • Lesson 4: Social media marketing overview

    • Lesson 5: Social media that attract consumers or clients to your business

    • Lesson 6: Social media that market or sell your product or service to other businesses

    • Lesson 7: Social media that draw traffic to your ecommerce site

    • Social Media Marketing Quiz

  • 3

    Digital Tools

    • Lesson 8: Website Knowledge

    • Lesson 9: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Search

    • Lesson 10: SEO and Keywords and how they help customers find your company website

    • Digital Tools Quiz

  • 4

    Traditional Marketing

    • Lesson 11: Lower tech options to research and market your business

    • Lesson 12: The basics of PR, a high-impact marketing tool

    • Lesson 13: Fliers and brochures as powerful marketing tools

    • Lesson 14 The basics of PR, a high-impact marketing tool

    • Lesson 15: Case Study: Lavar Bell and Building A Fan Base

    • Lesson 16: Public speaking as a way to market your services and help to obtain commitments from potential clients

    • Lesson 17: Networking and increasing Networking Opportunities

    • Lesson 18: Writing content increases your marketing opportunities and establishes credibility

    • Lesson 19: Referral program techniques

    • Lesson 20: Product and Service Videos

    • Lesson 21: Reaching Customers via Newsletters

    • Lesson 22: Build and communicate content using videos and podcasts

    • Lesson 23: Gain attention by developing give aways, strategic partnerships, staff incentives and visible store placement

    • Lesson 24: list serves

    • Lesson 25: giveaway pop ups partnerships incentivise staff retail location

    • Traditional Methods Quiz

  • 5


    • Lesson 26: Following up, last words

    • Final Quiz

About Your Instructor


Teatimo (Tim) Contado

Seasoned marketer with experience in CPG and food products.  Marketing and sales executive with cinema advertising company. Expert in business management, advertising and marketing strategy, media and entertainment, and new product development.  Experience in recruiting, public relations, and retail.



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